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Peer Counseling How-To Guide

Compassionate Listening
Cognitive Inquiry
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Spiritual Guidance
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Everyday Girl-talk

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This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive guide to all the many counseling methods that have been developed since Freud first became obsessed with other people's dreams. Neither is it necessary that you use any of the methods found here. In fact, we created a category called "Everyday Girl-Talk" to refer to just that. If you want to offer or receive Girl-talk, that's just fine. So long as both counselor and counselee are on the same page, we're with you.

We do ask that every Phone Buddy at least review this material. Even if you don't want to do "Compassionate Listening" you may pick up a few important reminders that will help you make your Girl-talk more helpful to your Buddies and more fulfilling to you.

Aim to be ready to offer your first session a week or two from now. Don't delay. You should definitely plan on giving and getting at least one session within your first 30 days so that you can go forward with confidence that you made the right decision in becoming a Buddy. Plan on devoting about 4 hours to going through this Guide and practicing some of the techniques over the next week.

You will notice that the Guide is set up across several pages. There are Continue and Previous buttons at the bottom of each page so that you can navigate easily between the different pages of the Guide. You may also return to this Main page at any time to jump to a different Counseling Type by name using the list at the top.

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