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Membership Costs

How much does it cost to have a community of Buddies there whenever you need someone? How much is it to always have someone to share the important moments of your life with? What's the price to receive heartfelt support, guidance, and friendship on a regular basis, right from the comfort of your own home?

Professional counselors charge $50-150 per hour and telephone psychic advisors average $5 per minute, but as a Phone Buddy, you get an unlimited number of sessions for free!

That's right. Membership in Phone Buddies is FREE. We hope that you will find the service valuable to you and will want to support it with a voluntary donation. For whatever amount you care to contribute, you get to become a part of the Phone Buddy community and strengthen your support network while gaining valuable skills you may yourself market for a significant income someday.

The recommended donation amount is anywhere between $5.00 - $100.00, but that range is just a suggestion to make it clear that a wide variety of donation amounts are expected and appreciated. IN FACT, YOU CAN'T EVEN MAKE A DONATION WHEN YOU JOIN AT ALL! We are happy to use the honor system and trust that you will find the community valuable and will want to contribute to its continuation at some point.

Just be sure to jump right in there. Go through the free online training, post the types of supportive counseling you're available for in your profile, and trade your first sessions right away so that you don't fall into the common habit of under-valuing anything you don't pay a ridiculous price for. Let yourself get the most out of this amazing opportunity by becoming an active participant in the community right away.

So ready, set, go....